Fun, funky, rich in color and texture - my jewelry can be the focal point of an outfit, or put the final polish on it. It's apparent in my pieces that I have fun creating them - putting together unlikely pairings such as semi-precious stones with wood, bone, jasper and crystal. Hand worked metal wire allows for great flexibility, it can either be ornate and complex or very simple.
Funky Chunks
This piece is so versatile - looks great with a v-neck,
can be made in any color combination, fun and funky

Neck Fob A simple, elegant and funky piece, front closure with a toggle - can be any color combination

Neck Fob

Add a dramatic accent to any outfit with this very unique piece. Vibrant colors and textures blend to make a strong designy statement. All hand worked, on a hand made chain. Can be made in any color combination, smaller or larger (3"x3" square, pictured)

Neck Fob
Watery tones, looks great with summery clothes
Citrus Swirls
approx. 22" plus pendant
Small Bead Abacus
More reserved than the bolder version, but still dramatic and versatile - any color combination available
approx. 23"
Funky with Attitude
approx. 22"
Earth Tones on Silk
approx. 34" length silk cord segments
Bright Spot
approx. 26" chain segments
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Sterling silver, Bali silver or surgical steel ear wires available - $3. additional for sterling or Bali.

Delicate hand work and stunning jewel tones in
Swarovski crystal and Czech glass create a refined,
very fresh and unique design
Elegant Hoops
$52. and $54.
Stunning in jewel tones
3-3/4" length

approx. 8-1/2" length

Ankle Bracelet
approx. 9" length

Watch Bracelet
approx. 8-1/2" length



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